Sunday, May 20, 2012

Daily Thoughts 05/20/2012

Johannes Vermeer, A Lady Writing, circa 1665

Daily Thoughts 05/20/2012

I have been thinking a little bit about which systems I should learn.  Publishers often use either or Drupal for their content management system.  Drupal is much harder to learn than  I have an idea how the free, online works, but don't think it is powerful enough to build a large complex website.

I spent some time watching the update to Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter on  Facebook redesigned their interface.  It was helpful to understand the new timeline and analytics for Facebook.  I still have to take the tour of the new Facebook.  I also started learning a bit of Javascript on Codecademy.  I am finding Javascript much harder than CSS.

Web Bits

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There are some interesting insights in this article about how to modernize a bookstore.

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