Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Daily Thoughts 05/30/2012

A Study for Paradise Lost, Mihaly Munkacsy, 1899

Daily Thoughts 05/30/2012

This morning, I read a little more of The Legions of Rome.  I am reading about the Dacian campaigns.  The story is one of intrigue, treachery, guerrilla warfare, and dawn attacks.  I am surprised at the amount of ambushes, dawn attacks, and sieges which the legions were involved in.  The accounts of the legionnaires fighting in thick forests, desert, near rivers, during thunderstorms, and on marshy ground give a different picture of ancient warfare.

I updated the Facebook and Twitter account for the library.  I also checked the displays and the gift books.  There are some flyers and bookmarks being printed up for an event today.  There is also the computer lab from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m..

I watched a little bit more of the online video on Javascript at  I also spent a little more time learning  A few more people asked me about the Digital Media Catalog from Westchester Library System.

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Overdrive Introduces Browser Based E-book Reader

A Digital Dilemma: Ebooks and Users' Rights

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