Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Daily Thoughts 12/4/2012

Illustration of the short story A Scandal in Bohemia, which appeared in The Strand Magazine in July, 1891. This illustration appeared on page 63, and is captioned "I CAREFULLY EXAMINED THE WRITING." http://www.archive.org/stream/adventuresofsher001892doyl#page/5/mode/1up

Daily Thoughts 12/4/2012

This morning, I read some of Management Basics for Information Professionals 2nd Edition by G. Edward Evans and Patricia Layzell Ward.  The opening chapters are on the different types of management styles.  I am not particular fond of time motion studies and efficiency.  I rather like the idea of quality management and participative management styles which take account of all the staff.

I checked the Twitter and Facebook accounts for the library.  I also checked the displays and the gift books.  I spent some more time working on weeding in the 900s.   I am working with one of the clerks on this project.  It will be a slow steady process to do this.

I also spent some time looking at cancelations from BWI so I can determine what I plan on reordering.  Many of the items are out of print or out of stock from the publishers.

I have to read The Times Literary Supplement from November 30, 2012 and the December 3, 2012 Publishers Weekly. 

On the way home, I read some more of Management Basics for Information Professionals.  The two sections which I read were on diversity and marketing.  The marketing section had a little bit on public relations.  I liked that library advocacy was described as part of public relations.

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