Saturday, October 4, 2014

Daily Thoughts 10/04/2014

Daily Thoughts 10/04/2014

I read some more of Mrs.  Lincoln's Dressmaker on the way to work.  The story starts slowly for me, and then it picks up as more historical facts are added and the civil war continues.

I also read some more of Real Happiness at Work.  I am reading about how multitasking makes people uncomfortable and is not an effective way to work.

This morning, I checked the gifts and the displays.  The computers were down this morning so I had to check Facebook and Twitter for the library later in the day.  I got a chance to organize my desk a bit.  I am going to send out some flyers as an eblast soon with different programs.

I am requesting an interlibrary loan for The Accidental Library Marketer by Kathy Dempsey.

I spent some time writing my monthly report for October.  I also started looking over the career books in the Job Information Center.

I am looking at The Grumpy Guide to Life Observations by Grumpy Cat.  It is a bit of fun.

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