Friday, October 24, 2014

Daily Thoughts 10/24/2014

Ohne Titel (Handstudie), vor 1872, Vintage-Albuminabzug. 9,7 x 13,8 cm, Josef Lowy

Daily Thoughts 10/24/2014

I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.

On the way to work, I finished reading Ancillary Justice.  There is an interview of Ann Leckie in the back of the book.  She describes how she took elements from Roman history.  I rather liked that in her dedication she names a number of libraries which she used as research.

I checked out a historical fiction novel, Gutenberg's Apprentice by Alix Christie.

I checked the displays and the gift books.

I did some shifting this morning in the 900s.  We also had a management meeting.

A box of Advanced Reading Copies came in from Library Journal.  Two of them seem very interesting, Girl In the Dark A Memoir by Anna Lyndsey about a woman who becomes very light sensitive,  and Bad Days In History A Gleefully Grim Chronicle of Misfortune, Mayhem and Misery for Every Day of the Year by Michael Farquhar.

The November Book Page came in today.

I spent some time discussing green companies in Mount Vernon, New York.  There is a recent push for green construction training in the area.

I started reading Gutenberg's Apprentice which is historical fiction.  It is about Peter Schoeffer who apprenticed under Gutenberg at the direction of his foster father, Johann Fust who financed Gutenberg's press.

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