Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Daily Thoughts 11/21/2017

File:A philosopher reading. Oil painting by a follower of David T Wellcome V0017298.jpg
A philosopher reading. Oil painting by a follower of David Teniers the younger.

Daily Thoughts 11/21/2017

I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.

We sent out our email blast about the Lets Build Robots fundraising campaign.

I read some of The Stone In the Skull The Lotus Kingdoms Book One by Elizabeth Bear.  This is a fantasy novel.  It has a lot of eastern elements in it drawing from India, Asia, and the Middle East.  At the same time, it still keeps many of the western fantasy tropes.  I rather like the clockwork man made of brass in this story.

I checked the displays and the gift books this morning.

I spent some time looking through the 800s.

I placed an order for new books today.

We put out a flyer for the Lets Build Robots Campaign.  We also sent out a press release to the local papers about the campaign.

I finished reading The Stone In the Skull, The Lotus Kingdoms Book One by Elizabeth Bear.  This is story is catching.  I like how the author mixes magic, technology, and religion in this story.  Wizards build clockwork men and improve pistols.  Magicians create illusions, and poetry is combined with history.  The magic in this story is seemless and believable, something which is very hard for an author to do.

The heroes in this story are different.  They have suffered tremendous losses. Even the noble queen has lost her husband and is being pushed to remarry.  I like the suffering in this novel, it adds to the beauty of the writing. 

This is a novel written for adults.  There is some erotic content.  Also there are some ordinary scenes like one of the heroes of the story visiting the public baths after spending time traveling as a guard.

I also read Zita The Space Girl by Ben Hatke.  This is a graphic novel for tweens.  The main character has the name of one of Ben Hatke's children.  It is fun to read and very colorful.  The characters don't just fight, they escape and trick the bad guys.  I like the art in this graphic novel series.  It is very easy to look at.  The language is fast paced, appropriate for tweens, and humorous.

The aliens in the book are cute.  There are giant mice, robots, tentacled beasts and other creatures.  I recommend this highly.  Also Mighty Jack by Ben Hatke is a fun read. 

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