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Daily Thoughts 12/11/2010 (Ebooks, Behemoth, Content Strategy)

Title page from “De Studio Literarum...” published in 1536 in Paris by Jodocus Badius and printed by Michael Vascosanus, illustrated by Orance Finé (or Orance Fine). The central woodcut shows a printing office; the twisted perspective is deliberate, and emphasises the turn of the printing-press handle. The words Prelum Ascensianum appear over the press, the name of Baudius’ printing house (Prelum being the Latin word for a printing-press).

Daily Thoughts 12/11/2010

I went through and checked my links on my selected links page.  They all should be working now. I did a little more link checking in the book reviews section.  There were a few things which I had to change.  I am up to the letter T in the book reviews section.  I'll probably finish doing it tomorrow.  It is sometimes good to go through and check links to make sure they work.

I finished reading Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld.  I rather like that the stories ends with the formation of an Ottoman republic which makes for excellent alternate history.  The tesla cannon was also a nice touch.

I put the book Bite-sized marketing : realistic solutions for the overworked librarian by Nancy Dowd, Mary Evangeliste, & Jonathan Silberman on hold.

I am thinking a little bit about the Holidy Party for the Content Strategy Group.  I think I have learned the basics of what content strategy is.  The content strategist puts all the content into a website where information architect provides the framework.  This is more than just being a webmaster or web editor.  It includes SEO (search engine optimization), metadata, curation and selection of multimedia (apps, video, and video) and overall design of what goes on the page where.  The person is also supposed to be able to evaluate and plan whether content inside a website will fulfill a specific need and be profitable in a variety of different web settings.
Web Bits

It is the Goodreads Choice Awards.  I really like Goodreads, they do an excellent job.

Wish I could go to the Ebooks Summit, but not willing to shell out a couple hundred dollars right now.

Unprintable WWF File Format Goes Viral To Save Trees

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