Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Daily Thoughts 12/15/2010 (programming)

Nature morte aux fleurs, Pierre Laprade, Oil On Canvas, Date Unknown

Daily Thoughts 12/15/2010

I started reading Life by Keith Richards.  It is very funny, rebellious, and full of life.  It is hard to imagine Keith Richards being a boy scout, but he was.  His first record was an Elvis record as well.

Today, I checked the displays to make sure they were in order.  I also did some weeding in the oversize books.

I had to put together a list of suggested activities for the year for programming.  I went back through my email and pulled out several different workshops that I had invited to the library, Westchester Residential Opportunities, Womens Enterprise Development Center, and others.  I am hoping that we can also have a few art workshops and some storytelling workshops.

I am also thinking it might be nice to do an editor talk where they come in and talk about getting published as well as a cookbook author talk where they bring in recipes and food in addition to books.  It should be interesting.

There are also seasonal activities; earth week, holiday events, and the adult summer reading program to think about.

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Ryan said...

I sneaked a peek at one of my Christmas presents early, it's Keith's book. Really looking forward to reading about his rollercoaster life.