Thursday, December 23, 2010

Daily Thoughts 12/23/2010 (Advocacy, Net Profits)

Per Eskilson 1820-1872, Reading Loud, 1856, Oil On Canvas

Daily Thoughts 12/23/2010

I tried to read more of Unmarketing by Scott Stratten this morning.  However, it became too fluffy.  The point where I felt that I had to put the book down is when Scott Stratten started writing about the difference in flavor between McDonald's coffee and Tim Hortons coffee.  It just did not fit well with my thought processes.  I have started reading Net Profit How To Succeed In Digital Business by David Soskin who was the CEO of Cheapflights which is a British company.

This morning, I spent time talking to a patron about the library and also talked to the Friends of the Library about how to send in the form letter to our city council representatives.  I have been following everything very closely.  I am hoping things will turn out differently than I expect they will.

I also checked the displays and did some spot checking for the shelves.

One of my colleagues recommended that I read True Grit by Charles Portis.  The film by the Coen brothers looks very good.

I started reading Net Profit on the way home from work.  It is different because the author is a British author.  He does not recommend you go open source and reminds you to protect your intellectual property.  He also does not hype social media.  He focuses more on usability and design than marketing.  An excellent, usuable website is the foundation of a successful internet business.

I am on vacation starting tomorrow which will be a nice break.

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