Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Daily Thoughts 7/13/2011

Reading woman, by Albert Edelfelt, 1885

Daily Thoughts 7/13/2011

This morning, I finished reading The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh.  The book is coming out in August.  The main character was a foster child.  This makes for a sad and challenging story.

Today, I checked the displays, updated the Twitter account, and checked the gift books.  Right now, I am working on an order for civil service books.  I took some time to look through the human resources section of and also read the The Chief Civil Service Leader The Civil Service Employees Weekly newspaper. The Chief lists many of the open positions around New York City as well as things which are happening around the state with civil service employees.

I put Gail Carriger's book Heartless on hold.  I am also looking forward to reading Machine Man by Max Barry.  Max Barry is known for creating the online bulletin board game, Nationstates.  The book Microstyle: the Art of Writing Little by Christopher Johnson also looks quite interesting.

There is a new book from ABC-CLIO called Listening to the Customer by Peter Hernon and Joseph R. Matthews which is about customer feedback in libraries which looks very interesting.

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