Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Daily Thoughts 7/20/2011

Print shows the poet Henjō with two other women reading poetry.
Date Created/Published: [between 1795 and 1801, printed later]

Daily Thoughts 7/20/2011

This morning, I read some more of Curation Nation.  The author is describing how people are beginning to switch from being only consumers to being prosumers which are consumers which proactive choices about what they will buy.  He also is describing how many consumers are also beginning to produce material using blogs and other mediums.

Today, I checked the Twitter account, looked over the displays, checked the donations, and checked the ereference in the morning.  I also took some time to look through the Local History room drawers on the library.  There are quite a few interesting images of the Bookmobile from the 1920s and other pictures which are from the library.

I did my tour with the Red Hatters.  It was a little different than the standard library tour because they had special questions about the collection like what the genealogy and black history resources are as well as about the art and historical objects were throughout the building. For example, they asked about the United States flag from the Citizens of Mount Vernon presented to the 4th Battalion, 8th Coast Artillery, N.Y.G. presented on July 3, 1919 in the library.

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