Sunday, January 8, 2012

Daily Thoughts 01/08/2012

Daily Thoughts 01/08/2012

I updated the Twitter and Facebook accounts for the library.  I like to read the local papers and see if there is anybody worth connecting to or friending from the standpoint of the library.

I have been reading a a little more of Disrupt.  There is a nice reminder that an opportunity is not a solution.  Nothing is executed yet.

I read some more of The Nook Book an Unofficial Guide.  It got me to look at Pandora which is a way to make personal radio channels on the internet.  I also spent a bit of time trying to get the Nook for PC program to work to no avail. It is a bit buggy.  I learned that Nook has separate applications for textbooks (the Nook Study), and children (Nook Kids).  They appear to be quite different than the regular reader.  I also learned that the Nook is the only E-reader directly attached to a physical storefront.  While the user of the Nook is in Barnes and Noble, special deals are offered and the Nook functions and Barnes and Noble functions as a Wifi hotspot.

Next week is crunch time for the budget.  I am as always hoping for good things to happen for the library budget.  Hopefully, the city will have it ready so they can pay civil servants by the end of the week.

I also put the book Tony Wheeler's Badlands: A Tourist on the Axis of Evil on hold.

Mount Vernon Hopes to Finalize Budget by Mid January Plan Contains 4.9% Tax Hike, No Layoffs

Web Bits
Take This Book: The People's Library at Occupy Wall Street by Melissa Gira Grant
This was successfully funded.  I did not buy a copy.  Maybe I will get a chance to look at it one day.

Occupy Wall Street Library Adds Hundreds of Books
The Occupy Wall Street Library now has more books than when it was removed from Zucotti park.  I am also going to guess that soon the occupy movement will have more money because of all the free speech lawsuits.

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