Monday, January 2, 2012

Daily Thoughts 01/02/2012

Girl reading. Signed G.JAKOBIDES. Oil on canvas, 53 x 40 cm, 1882

Daily Thoughts 01/02/2012

I spent some time looking at E-readers reviews this morning.  There are a number of color readers listed for about $100 with very bad reviews. This indicates in the near future, it will be possible to get a good color reader for that price. I am also seeing the Nook Tablet for about $250 and the Kindle Tablet for $200. There are a lot of E-readers which I had not even heard about.  Google has an E-reader called the iRiver.  There are also a number of E-readers based on the Android operating system.

I also finished reading The Filter Bubble.  Eli Pariser reminds us that our personal information is valuable and should be protected.  Advertisers are there to sell your information so that people can sell you things.  It is actually quite a bit more than this in my experience;  companies want your resume, your opinion, your money, and your time all of which are valuable.

This afternoon, I was at Target looking at the Ereaders. I also was looking at the digital cameras.  I am thinking that I might want to get an Android based phone with a built in camera.  I found that I very much liked the Nook Tablet more than the other devices.  It is not as expensive as the Apple, is a solid E-reader and has applications which look interesting.  I was not that impressed with Kindle Fire. A lot of this is about patience and learning more about devices.

This evening, I read a bit more of The Life and Legend of Jay Gould.  I also started reading World On The Edge how to Prevent Environmental and Economic Collapse by Lester R. Brown.  He writes about LED lighting.  I think this is nowhere near enough.  There needs to be a lot more done about energy efficiency and alternative energy than is being done now.

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