Sunday, January 1, 2012

Daily Thoughts 1/1/2012

Daily Thoughts 1/1/2012

I read a bit more of The Filter Bubble this morning. I also updated the Twitter and Facebook accounts.

I went to Barnes and Nobles today to look at the Nook.  In the higher end Nook, it has basically become a tablet device for $249 with apps, color books, magazines, and internet access.  I spent some time looking at the Cat In Hat App for the Nook.  It was fun to look at. I talked to the salesperson for a while on how it work.  I also played around with the Nook until the alarm went off and they asked me to stop playing with it.

I read some more of The Filter Bubble in the laundromat.  The author is wrting about how geeks sometimes have technological determinism where they say it is inevitable the way technology develops.  I disagree with this completely.  We all make choices in what technology we buy and use.  Technology should support people, it was created by people not some magic hand.

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