Sunday, January 29, 2012

Daily Thoughts 01/29/2012

Reading by the Shore, Charles Sprague Pearce, circa 1863-865
Daily Thoughts 01/29/2012

I spent some more time this morning reading Debt the First 5000 Years.  David Graeber right now is describing how bullion or coinage is more portable and a more reliable way to deal with soldiers and armed mercenaries who cannot be trusted with credit.

I spent some more time updating the Twitter and Facebook account for the library.

I also read some of the latest news on Occupy Wall Street it saddens me.  Oakland California has a history of radicalism and problems with the police.  It was not just a flashpoint, it was a bonfire waiting to happen.  I am glad to remain an observer, because even more I realize that this movement is more about protest than solving peoples problems.

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The Bookstores Last Stand

This may affect libraries in a big way.

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