Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Daily Thoughts 04/04/2012

Louis Wain at his drawing table around 1890. From the book "Louis Wain - The man who drew cats". ISBN 1-85479-098-6  Published with the authorisation of the books author Rodney Dale See discussion.

Daily Thoughts 04/04/2012

This morning, I spent some time cleaning the house and organizing things.  I also watched a bit of the Time Management class.  It gave some suggestions for improving how I organize things.

I am taking a Skillshare class tonight Intro I To Business Development and Partnerships for Startups.  It is being held at Dogpatch Labs which is an incubator.  I have been a bit curious about Dogpatch for a while.

The Introduction to Business Development session was interesting.  It gave me an idea of what all the different business development people do at meetups.  They are there to find partners, create relationships for potential future sales, and develop contacts between different businesses.  They have to collect quite a few business cards in a carefully prepared manner.  It was informative.
This is the Powerpoint of the Presentation on Business Development.

I also learned about some resources that I did not know about before, there is TWIT This Week In Tech which is a weekly podcast on happenings in the technology world

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