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Daily Thoughts 04/07/2012

Yogoto ni au koi Print shows head-and-shoulders portrait of a woman, facing right, reading from a scroll. Date Created/Published: [1793, printed between 1918 and 1923] 

Daily Thoughts 04/07/2012

I finished reading Sacre Bleu A Comedy D'Art by Christopher Moore.  The author set out to write a book about the color blue and ended up wrting about the impressionists in a fantasy set in and around Paris between 1860 and 1890.  I very much ended the characters, especially Henre Toulouse-Lautrec and Georges Seurat.  There were lots of paintings from the time period which was interesting.  They were small color pictures throughtout the book.  Also, the type was set in blue.  The ending was satisifying.  I will give no more away.  I enjoyed reading it.

I joined today.  They send a weekly lesson in computer coding.

I found another publishing startup that is kind of interesting.  They publish a short story a week    I could easily see someone creating a series book like Star Trek or Star Wars or some other space opera and publishing a story a week, then compiling all the stories together in a single volume.  You could even bundle the story with a short web comic to make it more interesting.  Selling it for a $1.00 to $2.00 per story depending on the author could work.  Something that could be sold as a Kindle Single, or an EPUB 3 Document.

I checked out the Kobo for the PC program.  I like the design; it is much cleaner than the Kindle.  The style of the Kobo seems to be focused on solely being an e-reader.  I started reading Free As In Freedom Richard Stallman's Crusade for Free Software by Sam William on the Kobo for PC.

I signed up to get the Earlyword newsletter in my personal inbox. 

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