Thursday, April 12, 2012

Daily Thoughts 04/12/2012

 During the Middle Ages, paper and parchment were expensive, and many people took advantage of less permanent forms of written communication. One side of an ivory tablet was coated with wax; then a message was incised in the wax with a stylus (which looks like a large pin) and protected by an ivory lid. The little box would be sent to the recipient, who smoothed the wax and responded. The sliding cover depicts three ladies in the town, looking over its walls at two embracing couples seen to the left. The bottom of the box shows the same town at greater distance, a tent with two more lovers, a hawking expedition, and a hermit reading outside his rustic cell. Several writing boxes are known from the same, otherwise unidentified workshop. Made by Atelier of the Boxes.

Daily Thoughts 04/12/2012

I am slowly putting together a Wordpress blog and taking the class on how to do it.  So far it has been eye opening.

Right now, a lot of people are using Wordpress.  There is even an extension of Wordpress called Buddypress which turns it into a full social network.

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