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Daily Thoughts 04/05/2012

The Letter, Julian Weir, 1919

Daily Thoughts 04/05/2012

I watched some more of Time Management Fundamentals on this morning.  I also read some of The 250 Job Interview Questions.   The book goes through hundreds of different common job questions with standard answers that people might give.  It is very straightforward.  It helps you think about what people might ask.  I finished reading it on my Kindle Touch.  It gave me enough of a basis to understand the most likely questions I would get.

I also took a tour of General today.  It is an educational startup.  It is also a kind of meta startup or a startup which helps startups.  They rent out their space to select startups, offer discounts to classes and provide support to their member startups.  So far they have only been open for a single year.  Once the size of a startup reaches about fourteen people, it leaves the General Assembly space.  I found this to be a bit different.

There are also people who rent use of the communal space where people can work.  They also host Meetups.    I took the class on Publishing, Art, and Technology earlier..   I also took their Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship online at   A lot of their classes are focused on entrepreneurial skills;  ruby on rails, css, html, angel investing, web design,  and similar matters.

I had a chance to ask about different things they do there.  A lot of it is about helping people make connections and grow a business.  Some of the skills are very entrepreneurial, not the kind of thing which is taught in a university setting.

It feels similar in a way to Skillshare which is another edicational startup that teaches a variety of skills.  I took the Introduction I to Business Development at Skillshare.   Skillshare is running a conference on April 20, 2012  which it is calling Penny University

On the way home, I read some more of Sacre Bleu by Michael Moore.  I am finding it relaxing and a bit odd.

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