Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Daily Thoughts 07/03/2012

Death Mask of William Shakespeare 1616, From Encyclopedia Britannica, 1911 V.24, pp.788 and 789.

Daily Thoughts 07/03/2012

This morning, I spent some time reading my different social media accounts.  I have a number of accounts which I only check on occasion, Quora and GetGlue are two of them.  Quora is often useful for answering technical questions.

Tomorrow is July 4, Independence Day in America.  It should be a nice day tomorrow.

I read some more of The Don't Sweat the Small Stuff Workbook and The Complete Idiots Guide to Creating A Social Network.  There was a description of the different costs which would happen with a social network, hosting the network on a server, insuring enough bandwidth for growth, ensuring enough storage space as the site grows, paying for the design of the site, paying for additional features which did not come with services original package, possibly paying a programmer to allow access for mobile service, and having people for customer service, or possibly hiring people to run the network.  This would amount to a considerable amount of money.  If it was done on the free services, it might take even more time to do, because they tend to take longer to develop.

There are many more features on a social network than on a blog.  A blog is a small piece of a total social network package which usually includes photosharing, rss feeds, music sharing, bulletin boards, video feeds, announcements, and a variety of other services.

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