Monday, July 16, 2012

Daily Thoughts 07/16/2012

One visual interpretation of the Galactic Library glyph (Library Institute emblem), based on the verbal descriptions in David Brin's "Uplift" series of science-fiction novels (a five-fold spiral with a vertical bar through its center).  I like David Brin.

Daily Thoughts 07/16/2012

I took a break from social media this weekend. I also have been reading Existence by David Brin which I am finding enjoyable and interesting.  I especially like a reference in the book to an imaginary book title, Pandora's Cornucopia which is about all the different ways that humanity might go extinct.  There are lots of big ideas in this book including making animals more intelligent and alien contact.

This morning, I checked the website, updated the Twitter and Facebook accounts.  Made some suggestions about the $100 Startup including a bit about New Work City, Skillshare, and General Assembly.  I also checkd the displays and gift books.

I am waiting for a new graphic novel to be ordered by the library system, The Lovely Horrible Stuff by Eddie Campbell which is about money.

This afternoon, I did a little more inventory in the mezzanine.  I also finished reading the latest copy of Booklist and looked at the Purchase Alerts which lists items which are on hold for us.  Many of them are items which we do not own.

I finished reading Existence by David Brin.  It has a lot of interesting concepts in it.  The story makes you think.  David Brin brings in a lot of ideas from Von Neumann probes to alien contact stones and alien memes.  

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