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Daily Thoughts 07/10/2012

Charles Gleyre, Lost Illusions http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Charles_Gleyre_-_Lost_Illusions_-_Walters_37184.jpg

Daily Thoughts 07/10/2012

Last night, I was reading Thomas Jefferson's Creme Brulee.  It is an interesting if complicated story.  Thomas Jefferson was deeply interested in food and wine, he grew grapes on his estate as well as extensive vegetable, fruit, and spice gardens.   This book is much more than that, though, it is also the story of James Hemings, Thomas Jefferson's son by Sally Hemings who was also his slave.  Thomas Jefferson made a deal with James Hemings that if he apprenticed as a chef in France, he would be given his freedom.  This is also the story of Thomas Jefferson in France during the time of 1784 before the French revolution.  The book is fascinating. 

This morning, I checked the displays and gift books.  I also updated the Twitter and Facebook accounts.  I have been spending some time on the Mount Vernon Public Library website checking links.

I am looking forward to when Jonathan Carroll's new collection of short stories is coming out in August, The Woman Who Married A Cloud: Collected Stories.

I placed the book On Politics: A History of Political Thought: From Herodotus to the Present by Alan Ryan on hold.  I also placed a request on We Are Anonymous: Inside the Hacker World of Lulzsec, Anonymous, and the Global Cyberinsurgency by Parmy Olson which is supposed to be a true crime book.

We have the computer classes tonight.  I just made up some sign in sheets for the classes.  Tomorrow we are discussing the collection development budget.  

Web Bits

Levin's Artepublishing to Do Enhanced Illustrated Books
What is interesting to me about this article is that the enhanced e-books are art books.

The Worst Masters Degree? -- Maureen Sullivan
The Forbes article which listed librarianship as the worst masters degree needed to be challenged.

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