Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Daily Thoughts 10/02/2012

A lady reading while playing the spinet; signed 'A Foord-Hughes' (upper left); watercolour heightened with bodycolour; 32 x 23.5 cm

Daily Thoughts 10/02/2012

This morning, I checked the Twitter and Facebook accounts for the library.  I also did some minor editing for the website.  I probably should go through and do some more link checking and other things.

I also spent some time working on ordering.  I am focusing on ordering New York Times Bestsellers.  I spent some time checking the displays.  There are a lot of new books still coming in.  I plan on reading The Chief Civil Service Leader The Civil Employees Weekly newspaper.  It lists civil service job openings in the Five Boroughs of New York city.  Mount Vernon Hospital also has the Hopfer School of Nursing, and there is also a Westchester Community College Annex in Mount Vernon. Looking at these places helps me make decisions about what kind of test books which we need.

I spent a little time checking the displays this afternoon.  We have our computer classes tonight.  I printed out some new sign in sheets.

I also checked out the book A Universe From Nothing Why There Is Something Rather Than Nothing by Lawrence M. Krauss.  He also wrote The Physics of Star Trek.  I read some of this book on the way home.  It is a book on cosmology.  The author starts by describing concepts like cosmic background radiation and dark matter.

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