Monday, October 8, 2012

Daily Thoughts 10/08/2012

Print shows the poet Henjō with two other women reading poetry. Date Created/Published: [between 1795 and 1801, printed later]

Daily Thoughts 10/08/2012

I read some more of Savvy Dealing With People Power and Politics at Work.  The author is writing about how to collaborate with other people and create situations where both parties win.  She also describes a number of barriers to collaboration ranging from behavior to philosophy to prejudice.

I also watched a little bit more of Spanish Level 3 from DC Entertainment on dvd.

I have the day off today.  It is Columbus Day today.

I finished reading Savvy this evening.  The book is useful, I liked the section on networking as well as the sections on understanding conflict and dealing with bullies.   Jane Clarke, the author describes savvy as the ability to deal effectively with politics at work.

I went to Barnes and Noble this afternoon in the mall.  I was also there to pick up a new tea kettle as an aside.  I like to look at different books.  Something which looked interesting was Sean Howe, Marvel Comics the Untold Story.  I take notes about what I would like to read or what I might get for the library when I visit bookstores.  On a more serious note there is Emma: An Annotated Edition by Jane Austen, Edited by Bharat Tandon which is published by Belnap Press of Harvard University Press.  It looks like a beautiful book.

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