Friday, October 26, 2012

Daily Thoughts 10/26/2012

Muse reading a volumen (scroll), at the left an open chest. Attic red-figure lekythos, ca. 435-425 BC. From Boeotia.

Daily Thoughts 10/26/2012

We had a staff meeting this morning.  I also spent some time checking for missing items from a list.  I found a few things.  I also checked the displays and the gift books.  We are discussing signage at the meeting.  Thinking of signage makes me think of merchandising collections.

I also spent some time looking through lists of fiction series by different authors like Greg Bear, Beverly Lewis, Louise Penny, Rita Mae Brown, Kelly Armstrong, and other popular fiction writers from a variety of different genres.

I read more of On Politics by Alan Ryan.  I am reading about Polybius an ancient roman who wrote Rise of the Roman Empire. Polybius describes Rome as a republic which combines different features of monarchy, aristocracy, and democracy.  It is this combination which makes it superior to any one form of government by itself. 

I also spent some time looking at Small Press Distributors
and the Center for Fiction   I rather like their essential books for writers list.

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