Monday, April 14, 2008

Afternoon Thoughts

I wrote the book review for Untapped while I was at the laundromat. Then I typed it up at home. While I was at the laundromat I had a cup of tea with lemon skipping the honey. Honey is still 25 cents a packet at the Korean deli next door to the laundromat. They told me it costs them 13 cents a packet to buy. When people ask for 2-4 packets of honey, they lose profits on tea. I had English Breakfast Tea this time. The packet was a Celestial Seasonings packet.

There is an odd little story about the company Celestial Seasonings. I heard that Celestial Seasonings was started by a hippy that used to wander around Berkeley California selling herbal teas out of a basket. It sounds like the kind of thing that would happen in Berkeley California. It is probably just an urban legend. You see their tea sold in supermarkets now. They have quite colorful packaging.

I took a walk this afternoon to the library. It was a chance to get some fresh air and stretch my legs. The library was pretty quiet today. I am typing this blog entry on a public library computer terminal not from home. I signed up for it for a half hour block of time.

I took a few minutes to look around the library. I found a graphic novel that looked kind of interesting. A People's History of American Empire by Howard Zinn. Howard Zinn is famous for writing A Peoples History of the United States a very popular leftist interpretation of American history. I have read other graphic novels that are historical. Because comic books are sequential in nature, they are an excellent medium for presenting history. My favorite example of this is Larry Groening's A Cartoon History of the Universe. Also cartoon panels are very easy to annotate. You can put a small box in the corner of a cartoon and put a citation in it. I rather like history presented in the graphic novel format.

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Jena Isle said...

It is quite creative to be writing something in a laundromat. It takes lots of skill...Happy blogging.