Sunday, April 6, 2008

Morning Thoughts

I am having a little trepidation about putting videos in my blog sometimes. I chose not to put a couple Maakies Youtube videos into my blog. They can be a bit crude and violent, but funny. Sometimes, it really is a judgement call. I guess, I want a fairly clean blog. Not so much clean, but tasteful. I also did not add Bookslut to my blogs list for the same reason. It is still very high quality content. In other words, I am executing a certain amount of self censorship. You can of course look these up yourself. I am of course winking at myself ;) for posting this. It is a bit of self-reprobation for being self censorious.

Despite this habit, I am still a member of the Intellectual Freedom Roundtable of the American Library Association. I really do like Henry Miller and Anais Nin. D.H. Lawrence is a bit thick and boring in my tastes. Of course this is completely tame compared to much of todays urban fiction. Authors like Omar Tyree and Zane would make Anais Nin blush. I don't like most of the cheesecake, scantily clad women blogs, not because they are scantily clad, but because they tend to have very little taste.

I changed my blog again. I took out my two blog links lists and replaced them with the new blog roll feature from blogger. Hopeful this will make the site a bit more interesting. I also put in a subscribe function, another new function from blogger. Hopefully these things will work.

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