Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thoughts for Today

We received a huge cart of advanced reading copies today in the basement sent to us by Baker & Taylor. I haven't really had a chance to look at them closely. I will get a chance to look closely at them later today.

I was reading through Kirkus Reviews, the May 1, 2008 issue. They have a book which I am looking forward to reading. Reinventing Knowledge: From Alexandria to the Internet by Ian F. McNeely and Lisa Wolverton. The review was quite interesting. The book is not out until August 1, 2008.

Two new books came in in the pile from Baker Taylor from Sterling Publishers, Batman The Dailies 1943-1946, a collection of the daily batman comic strip syndicated in the newspapers. The cover art for this book is by Dick Sprang. It is quite striking. In combination with this is Batman, The Sunday Classics, 1943-1946, a collection of the full color Sunday newspaper strips.

Both of these books are quite interesting to look at. They have a much more compact feeling than the comic books. The stories occur in short bursts. They have word bubbles in almost every panel. The feeling is more of a story than an action sequence. I rather like them. I will probably look at them more closely tomorrow.

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