Friday, June 6, 2008

The Adventures of Johnny Bunko The Last Career Guide You'll Ever Need-- Daniel H. Pink-- Review-- Manga

The Adventures of Johnny Bunko The Last Career Guide You'll Ever Need by Daniel H. Pink is a manga about career choices and success. The art is by Rob Ten Pas. I would call this manga more about motivation and making choices than about career success.

A young person who has made a set of bad career choices and is in the wrong career track is sitting at his desk eating noodles when he breaks apart his chopsticks and out pops a genie. It is the career genie who gives advice on how to get on the right career track.

Each time he breaks apart the chopsticks, the genie gives him a new rule to succeed. The art work is entertaining and some of the choices are kind of funny. He gets a total of six rules on success that remake his life. I won't give away the six rules, you'll have to read the manga.

The artwork is in black and white. The lines are simple and clean. The story is kind of fun at times. For example, in the story, the character invents a battery charging shoe to power cell phones. There is a similar real life device that uses kinetic energy to light an LED at the front of a shoe.

There are several different people in his office who help him out as he solves his way from being an account to being in marketing, to doing a successful marketing campaign.

This book would be good for teenagers or people just starting in the workplace as a conversation starter or motivational book on careers. It would not be that good as a practical book. It is kind of like the Power of Positive Thinking. It creates the right attitude. It is a fun book to read.


Daniel Pink said...

Thanks for the post. Glad you liked the book. Hope your younger readers are checking out your blog!
Dan Pink

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Thanks for coming by Mr. Pink :).