Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cherry Pal Green Personal Computer

Cherry Pal Green Personal Computer

I did not do a whole lot of reading today. I looked at a few different sites. I came across something rather interesting while I was looking around the internet. Apparently someone is going to build and market a green personal computer. I have no idea what this means. Does it mean you would send the computer back to the company when you are done with it and get a recycling ticket. Dell gives you a discount on a new personal computer if you send in your old personal computer.

Claiming to be green is one thing. Will it be more energy efficient like Energy Star brands. Do they use lean manufacturing like in Toyota. Or is it just a marketing ploy. There are generally two steps in green manufacturing, less waste in production, and less energy to produce.

I rather liked the advertising. I found it a bit facetious in some ways. I don't quite embrace the style they are putting in the advertisement. I also have not decided to market the thing yet. If I knew a little more, I might consider it. The marketing piece was at least entertaining. Riding a bike in New York is insane. I take the subway. Where is the urban appeal for New York. .

If I was going to decide to put a note on my blog, I would expect they would at least be kind enough to send me a widget to put on my blog. They said the announcement date was July...

Who knows, maybe I will get a chance to replace my ancient four year old dell desktop computer.

Ah here it is, now I know what it is? It was described on Treehugger. It is a 2 watt computer. This is kind of interesting. I don't know if it really matches what I am looking for. The release date is August 4.


Martin MY said...

Gimmick or not it all adds up to recycling. Scepticism looking a a massive global profit making company? Yes! But at face value the scheme has good vibs.

Solmn said...

I'm linking to this posting from I'm watching how the word gets spread about while I'm waiting to get my hands on one! Keep coming back to visit as I intend to be an early user and to write candidly about my experience using it. Right now there's more hype than anything else, but we sure want to believe that its possible for it to be true.