Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Starstrike-- Taskforce Mars --Kevin Dockery and Douglas Niles-- Review

Starstrike Taskforce Mars by Kevin Dockery and Douglas Niles is a near future action thriller. The Shamani, benevolent aliens have come to earth and given us technology to help us become more civilized. It is the year 2050 and they have helped us build bases on mars as well as given us the technology for an interstellar drive.

To protect earth, a new special elite force is created from the navy SEALs, now they are more than sea, air, and land forces. You add the word space and get a super elite fighting force. This is none too soon because the mars base is attacked by hostile aliens, the Eluoi.

The aliens are classic cardboard cutouts. The Eluoi have solid green eyes and the Shamani have deep red eyes. Otherwise, they look like humans. You might call the Eluoi the evil, slaver, caste society of the galaxy. They are entertaining bad guys.

The hardware in the story is rather interesting. The book is hard science fiction. It is based on what might be possible 2050 with a little help from our magical friends the Shamani. The Seals have a few advantages, they have machine guns, a man portable railgun, explosives, and missiles. The aliens mainly use a mix of beam weapons and slug throwers, not explosives.

This is a story of how a highly trained elite force using small unit tactics defeats larger forces using cunning, deception, ambush, and strategy. The heros don't rush headlong into battle. It reads very much like a futuristic version of a Tom Clancy novel. You could also throw in a little Mack Bolan or Casca for effect.

Some of our heros die in combat, or are severely wounded. This makes it seem a bit more real. They are also captured and escape to wander around the Eluoi planet trying to find a way home. The heros use a backpack nuclear weapon to destroy a space defense platform. This novel isn't particularly politically correct.

The main character is a classic military commander figure who could have stepped out of a World War II novel, Master Chief, Raphael Ruiz.

Douglas Niles has written thirty five novels including the alternate history novel, Fox on the Rhine. Kevin Dockery has written nonfiction books including Future Weapons and Navy Seals: The Complete History. There is a sequel, Operation Orion, which I placed on reserve.


Anonymous said...

I do hope there are more books in this series. the first two were very good.

Anonymous said...

it whould be nice if they got a new book out. I realy like the two they have out. And look forward to many more. Hopefully.