Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Entrecard. Good Afternoon


As you know, I am not satisfied with Entrecard. I want my account deleted. With this kind of policy, I am not sure that I will get my account deleted unless I am very pushy.

You cannot delete your own account, but you can request deletion. To do this, first ensure you are signed into the account you wish to delete. Now go to the Feedback form on the Dashboard and write a message saying that you would like to delete your account. We will reply to you and confirm that you really want to delete your account.

Deleted accounts will lose all of their credits, all ads will be cancelled, and your site will no longer be in our system. Please do not request account deletion unless you are absolutely certain that it's what you want to do.

Ah, now I did it. I cancelled all the advertisements on my Entrecard dashboard, then sent my remaining 405 credits to the Thin Red Line. Now my account should be zeroed out.

Good Afternoon

Once again, I spent most of my day looking up social science books for purchase. This includes investing and military books. I found a book which looked quite interesting. As you know if you read my blog regularly, I am very interested in green investing. I placed Green Investing on hold by Jack Ulrich. Thomas Friedman has a new book that looks quite interesting. I think it will be a bestseller Hot, Flat, and Crowded, Why We Need A Green Revolution and How it Will Renew America. I believe strongly in green investing.

I also spent some time weeding the social sciences section. The two activities tend to go together. Hopefully, when I am done the sections I am assigned will have a much better, easier to use collection.

This morning, I spent more time reading on the train. According to the book Groundswell, it gives an estimate of $283,000 is spent by a large company for a blog, and there is a $393,000 annual return for the money spent. This is according to the Fastlane blog. I really don't know if I believe this. There are a lot of very interesting statistics in this book.


Unknown said...

Can I ask why you did not like the entrecard program? Curious.
FYI I am adding you to a blogroll at my sites for book related blogs.

Anonymous said...

Hi there: I had found your blog through EC and was wondering how come you didn't like it? I don't know if I would have found your blog otherwise... :(

I'll add you as Sassy did so I can keep up with you.


Book Calendar said...

I had a problem with logging in from home. They could not fix my log in from home for a couple of weeks. I got tired of using it. Also, it was taking a lot of time to use. An hour or two every day. It was not particularly efficient.

Anonymous said...

EC is not for everyone. thanks for the Head's Up--what will you do with the extra free time now? :P

Da Old Man said...

It took a week of me complaining to get them to fix mine, so I completely understand.
That being said, I rarely search blogs to drop, and I have 4 blogs. I use the one to drop when I read other blogs. The other ones just accumulate credits based on other's drops and credits from EC for advertising and blogging. I have never advertised on another blog, and use the credits to promote my contests that I have on my blog. It takes me no time.

Meka said...

I dint know endtrecard did that when you want to delete your account. I guess I wont be needing to go through that though because its ok. Nice post.