Friday, September 19, 2008

Good Morning, Good Afternoon

Sarah Palin in a Salvation Army Apron...

Good Morning

I was reading more of The Sound on the Page. The last chapter I was reading was on personality in writing. Dave Barry one of my favorite writers was mentioned. My father sends me a subscription to the (The Funny Times) every year, a liberal cartoon newspaper with editorial columnists. Dave Barry is one of the columnists. He is quoted in the book describing his basic modus operandi. Dave Barry takes every day ordinary annoying activities like standing in line for a drivers license and makes them funny. I have been told to put more of my personality into my writing. Somehow, my personality is supposed to make this blog shine.

The next chapter is about emulating other peoples style. I have a real hard time doing this. There is an egalitarian streak in me that pushes out the idea of adulating people, especially writers. I can't adulate people who hide in a corner of a room slamming words into a computer. Just kidding. Once again, there is a wonderful quote:

Gertrude Stein: "One writes for oneself and for strangers."

Good Afternoon

I ordered some more annual reports for our collection. A few book related ones were Barnes and Noble, The McGraw Hill Companies, and Readers Digest. The McGraw Hill company building is in Manhattan. McGraw Hill hosts events for libraries and publishers. I went there during Book Expo America for one of their events in their auditorium.

There is a new blog out, Librarians Against Palin. I am not fond of Palin. I find her stance on book banning problematic at best.

I spent some time reading The Chief which is the local civil service paper for Manhattan. It lists all the current job openings in Manhattan for civil service jobs plus many important union issues. It is one of the main ways that I order test books for jobs. They have long lists by title of what stays open and what is opening and closing.

We also keep clipboards of the listings of county jobs. Some of them are on white paper, and some of them are on a hideous pink collared paper.

If you are ever in Manhattan and want a civil service job, The Chief is the place to look.

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