Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fairytale, Good Morning

The Frog Asks To Be Allowed To Enter The Castle - Illustration For "The Frog Prince" by Walter Crane 1874. The Frog Prince is one of my favorite tales.


Snow white, rose red, briar rose

they run through my dreams

singing, dancing, flitting about

sweet voiced, pure, clean

I imagine jack, anansi, coyote

tricking them away from their

handsome frog princes, prince charmings

to take them to fairyland

Where they live in wooded cottages

serving dwarfs, trolls, and ogres

They dream of more common saviors

puss n'boots, tom o'thumb, the little tailor

Good Morning

Last night I started reading The Ten Roads to Riches The Ways The Wealthy Got There (And How You Can Too!) by Ken Fisher and Lara Hoffman. I am really enjoying this book because he tries to tell you how people got wealthy in an honest manner without hype. There are points where it be can be darkly ironic and quite fun. He is attempting to tell a truth.

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