Sunday, November 16, 2008

Good Morning, Evening Thoughts

, Claude Monet Reading A Newspaper, by Pierre August Renoir, 1872

Good morning. I finished reading Iron Man Demon In A Bottle last night. It consisted of a compilation of issues #120-128. Iron Man #128 was the best. It was the story of how Iron Man overcame his addiction to drinking. I find it a little inspiring. The rest of the book was not as good. There was also the Iron Man origin story set in Vietnam in Issue #122 which was interesting to read. The rest of the book was not as good as these two parts. It was enjoyable but not fantastic.

I also started reading Organizing for Dummies by Eileen Roth with Elizabeth Miles. The book starts with some goal setting. I am supposed to write down what I want to do with my organizational skills. My mission is to change the appearance of my house and work so I sppear clean and organized. My initial goals are to have a clean, organized desk at work, and have clean bookshelves at home.

This morning, I cleaned my bookshelves a bit and put away some of my graphic novels into storage boxes. I also spent some time cleaning off the top of my dresser. On Monday, I intend to spend a half hour first cleaning out my files, then a half hour cleaning off the top of my desk. There is a section in the book on how to organize a desk which I think will be useful.

I bought some magnetic page clips a few days ago. They are better than bookmarks because you can clip together several pages without damaging the books. The ones I have are small in the shape of ladybugs. They are available at on the front page.

I just closed my facebook account. It was taking too much time with very few results, plus they planned on charging $2.99 per month. This was more than a phone call. I don't think facebook is worth more than a package of peanuts $1. So, I am ending that experience. It was very easy to deactivate.

Evening Thoughts

Paco Ignacio Taibo II, a famed novelist has died. I really loved his mysteries featuring Hector Belascaron Shayne. They are some of the most original mystery novels I have ever read. They are set in Mexico. Most people won't recognize this novelist, but I certainly do. I have looked forward to all the novels he has ever written.


NathanKP said...

I understand about closing Facebook. Unless you spend ridiculous amounts of time keeping it up, I can't see maintaining a profile.

I don't even do Myspace. It just isn't worth it.

Book Calendar said...

I agree Myspace has the same problem. It is the applications which are endless. The fish tanks, the games, the little karma actions which got to me on Facebook.

The Budgeting Diva said...

I love Monet's work but I have never seen a painting of him before. Please keep posting the artwork, it is one of my favorite things about your blog.