Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Get out there and vote in this election in the United States.


I am off today so I can go vote. I got up at six in the morning and took a walk down to the local high school which is my polling place. It was dog walking time when people walk their before they go to work. A few people were canvassing on the way into the polling place. My name was on the list and I went in the booth, pulled the lever and voted.

I thought this year, they were going to have electronic machines. They did not have them this time. I will not say who I voted for. But, I will say that I voted for the fat guy who wandered around my neighborhood shaking peoples hands and saying that he was running for state senate. Going out and meeting and greeting your constituents can be more important than party lines.

Now, I can get back to my every day life. Please take the time to go and vote. It only takes a few minutes. I was second in line at 6:30 a.m.. Go early before the crowds start coming in.