Monday, February 16, 2009

Blog Criticism and Review

Lord Frederick Leighton (1830-1896)Study: At a Reading Desk Oil on canvas, 1877

Blog Criticism and Review

Right now, I am looking for criticism of my blog. I am asking for people to find fault with what I am doing so I can make it better for you to read what I am writing.

I have started by asking at Bookblogs on Ning for criticism of the design of this blog.

So far, the header has been changed, the font for the blog, some of the background colors, and a number of typos fixed. I am looking to do a little bit more. I have also identified a problem with Mozilla Firefox not reading the html line spacing commands for blogger. I am still not sure what to do about this. I contacted blogger help about this. Now, it seems to be working a tiny bit better. I also changed the number of posts visible on the page to five at a time. I had ten at a time. This should reduce the amount of time it takes to load my page considerably.

Mugshot was nice enough to donate a new header. I have started a second conversation about redesigning my blog on blogcatalog.


Lucy Coats said...

Seems fine to me. The only comment I have is on length. Apparently, according to received wisdom, less is more in post length, as people can't take in too much at once. Lucy at

PS if you want to know about the darker side of a writer's life, please visit.

Book Calendar said...

I have thought about this. I have heard that post length should be about 1000 words at most. Some people even limit an individual post ro 400 to 600 words long.

Luis Eduardo Barrueto said...

I do like your blog. I have written long posts but it consists in creative writing I have done, so I don't know if it has to be considered differently to your blog.

Glad you liked my blog.

Alabama Book Worm said...

All I can say, is please do NOT get rid of the daily art. I love the portraits and drawing you find and post. Maybe a little more information on your personal reading choices and interests.

Book Calendar said...

I find it relaxing to find the daily art every morning.

Adam James Nall said...

Hello there,

Have you thought of the effect of putting your links on the left rather than the right? I find in a culture where one is programmed to read left to right having additional info on the latter usually means people don't read it. Putting info (like the fab links you have) on the left-hand side usually means people subconsciously take note. Just a thought.



p.s. the contents of your posts are very interesting! A

Book Calendar said...

Actually I have thought about it. I want people to read my articles and thoughts more than my links. So the articles and thoughts should be first. Content is more important than links.

Links are secondary. It is also one of the reasons why I do not have a three column blog.

blacklin said...

Seems like everyone is redesigning their blog! I'm re-designing mine. I like the colors and I love the header. I think maybe the point size of the text could be little bigger.