Saturday, February 14, 2009

Daily Thoughts

Richard Felton Outcault (January 14, 1863-September 25, 1928), Buster Brown

Daily Thoughts

Happy Valentines Day. It is the time of the year for roses and chocolate and cards. Also, a time to spend with ones love. Hope you are having a sweet valentines.

This is an article from Library Journal again. A Compendium of Sexy Librarianness. Just in time for Valentine's day.

I have been reading through The Best of Chris Brogan to see if there are ways to improve my blog. The tips seem interesting. However, some of them I won't follow. I have to stick to my principles of cheapness. I will not buy a domain name because it costs money, nor will I buy hosting. I promised not to spend money when I started blogging.

This morning, I filed some more looseleafs. I also took a few minutes to look at the donor lists from some of the local library foundations. It was kind of interesting to look at. I noticed that three libraries in our area had donation buttons on their websites from paypal. I am not sure that this would be a good idea. There is more than one donation button system. There is also the Amazon honor system.

I get some time off this week, a little vacation. I watched Philip Pullman the Golden Compass. I never read the book and don't think I ever will. The movie was light escapist entertainment. The speial effects were interesting. Some books are just never meant to be read.

I did not realize it until I checked the list of blogs covering the O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference. I think I have a byline. My blog appears a couple of times next to Publishers Weekly and other very prominent sites.


Anonymous said...

Hey there. Thought I would pay you another visit. since are you making any money from your blogging? just curious. I like what you write on your blog.
Great Job. See you again soon. Feel free to stop by mine again and don't for your cup of coffee =)

Book Calendar said...

I am not making money from my blog. Although it has motivated me considerably. I think it has helped me be a lot more focused.

I think because I have been more focused, it may have helped me at work in a singular way, I was interviewed for a higher position. I still am waiting to hear about it.

There is this.