Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Meandering Thoughts

So-called Sappho, fourth style fresco; Pompeii, Region VI, Insula occidentalis. A young woman is shown with a pen (stylus) that is used to enscribe writing on the wax tablets she is holding. The net in her hair is made of golden threads and typical for the fashion of the Neronian period.

Meandering Thoughts

Today was fairly quiet after the collection development meeting. I still have to design some flyers for a Sunday family film program and think about putting together a survey for patron use of the library.

On the way home on the train, I started reading Linnea Sinclair, Hope's Folly. It is romantic science fiction. The setting is on a military ship. One of the things I like about her writing is that there is a lot of intrigue in it. They have already tried to assassinate one of the main characters twice. It reminds me of Star Trek a bit except for with sex and violent intrigue. I reviewed Linnea Sinclair's Down Home Zombie Blues earlier. I like her writing a lot.

I am not reviewing anything tonight because I think it would be a bit too much. I relaxed did a bit of yoga and listened to the hypnosis tape from I Can Make You Thin.

I am planning on going to the conference early tomorrow, spending half a day, then going to work. It would be a split day. So I am turning in early to catch some extra sleep.

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