Monday, July 13, 2009

Daily Thoughts 7/13/2009 ( Popeye )

John Muir American Conservationist (1838-1914)

Daily Thoughts 7/13/2009

I wrote my first draft of an ebooks poster in publisher today. It is based on an ebooks flyer which I did earlier. It needs to be edited, then I will put it up next to the computer center.

I also picked up a couple of things to read and watch. There is a dvd, Popeye The Sailor, 1933-1938, 60 Theatrical Shorts on 4 Discs published by Warner Brothers. I rather like the original popeye more than the later cartoons. Most are designed to be shown in the theater as a trailer before films. They are also not just written for children. Many of the episodes are from the early Fleischer studios which did the original Superman and Betty Boop cartoons. This is the original popeye song.

The next book is Give Me Back My Legions by Harry Turtledove. Harry Turtledove is a professor of Byzantine history. He often writes fantasy novels, but this is a historical novel about the Romans in Germany. It covers the Battle of Teutoberg Forest where the Romans were defeated.

The final book I picked up is Say Everything, How Blogging Began What's It's Becoming, And Why It Matters by Scott Rosenberg. Rosenberg is an editor at He also wrote Dreaming in Code. I am hoping it is useful both as a history and as a way to improve the quality of my blog.

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wings4me1 said...

Interesting tidbits on the books. I remember seeing some of those old Popeye s and Betty Boops. The Betty Boops were my favorite. Now, I can not stand most of the new stuff. Seems over commercialized myself

Book Calendar said...

Almost all the old Betty Boop, Popeye, and Superman were done by Fleischer studios which did fantastic animation but went bankrupt. They were not commercial enough to survive. It is why we have Disney and other stuff.