Monday, July 6, 2009

Daily Thoughts 7/6/2009

Zürich, Wasserkirche (Water Church) : Former 'Bürgerbibliothek' (public library), as of 1719.

Daily Thoughts 7/6/2009

Today has been a steady day. I have spent most of the day weeding more 700s, mostly in the film section. I found a guide to Creature Features the old television show that came on when I was a child and a copy of Chekhov's Enterprise: Personal Journal by Walter Koenig. I also deaccessioned some mysteries.

There are a few other minor activities which I am doing like putting in inserts for the law books and making sure the flyer is out for a financial literacy program. Tomorrow, I am going to do some weeding with the law books. I need to review a visit to the county law library I did earlier.

Another book came in for me to read, The Red Wolf Conspiracy by Robert S. Redick. It is a fantasy novel. I am also looking at J.R.R. Tolkien, The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun edited by Christopher Tolkien. The Genteel Arsenal was discussing this epic poem. It intrigued me. We have a copy of it at our library.

I read some of The Red Wolf Conspiracy. The imagery is rich and vibrant. From page one it immediately grabbed my attention. It is already worth reading and telling other people about it after the first chapter. The writing is as good as many of the best fantasy writers like Peter S. Beagle, Tanith Lee, or Michael Moorcock.

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ibdragon said...

Red Wolf, oh good another book I am going to have to track down. Sounds interesting.