Thursday, July 23, 2009

Daily Thoughts 7/23/2009 ( New Arrivals )

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Daily Thoughts 7/23/2009

I finished reading Sarah Micklem's book Wildfire. The book is full of surprises and did not turn out how I expected at all. I am thinking about how I am going to review it. It is quite good, but it is also very visceral with lots of sex and violence. Surprisingly, this is not described in an inappropriate manner. The writing still maintains a strong sense of style and voice. I am going to review it in the next couple of days.

I spent some more time reading review material this morning. Later in the afternoon I took a few minutes to look at the Romantic Times Website and the Black Expressions site. I am looking for a good general place which lists recent novels translated into english.

We received two end slat wall panels for the "New Arrivals" area. This finishes the furnishings. It is looking excellent. We checked the bestseller lists to see if there were any to display in a bestsellers area. It turned out that all of our bestsellers are being checked out which is a very good sign for circulation.

I did a small amount of weeding in the large print also today. We are also shifting books in the 700s. Today has been a productive day.

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