Friday, October 23, 2009

Daily Thoughts 10/23/2009

Benjamin Franklin. Digital ID: 465978. New York Public Library

Benjamin Franklin. Martin, David, 1737-1797 -- Artist, Stipple Engraving, New York Public Library Digital Image Gallery

Daily Thoughts 10/23/2009

I started reading The Art of Innovation this morning on the train. It has some very nice color photographs in it of design. I find design to be rather interesting.

I did more weeding in the fiction room, this time focused on the trade paperbacks. There is a lot of overflow from all the new books we are ordering lately. I'll probably be doing the urban fiction soon. It is getting very crowded as well.

This evening I read a little bit more of The Art of Innovation. There were a few interesting sections on brainstorming and teamwork.

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