Thursday, October 15, 2009

Daily Thoughts 10/16/2009

Henri Fantin-Latour The Two Sisters 1859

Daily Thoughts 10/16/2009

I am thinking about doing Fahrenheit 451 The Authorized Edition by Tim Hamilton as the choice for the first graphic novel book club. It might go well with the film as well. There is an interesting line in the novel, Fahrenheit, about people choosing comic books over books. The theme matches with the content. I still have not finalized this. I may choose another title with more copies of the book in the system.

I have my new bookmarks for Poetry and Writing on my desk. I also talked to a local poet who writes a column in the small newspaper we have in the city. I am thinking it might tie in with the slam master we spoke to earlier.

I selected some large print Danielle Steel books to order. I also did some weeding of the fiction paperbacks. As part of the weeding of the paperbacks, I am also making sure they are labeled by genre correctly. It is a short reprieve before I go back to weeding the 800s.

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