Sunday, October 11, 2009

Daily Thoughts 10/11/2009

The original Superman as done by Max Fleischer

Daily Thoughts 10/11/2009

I watched several episodes of the early Superman cartoon by Max Fleischer. I was watching Superman The Ultimate Max Flesicher Cartoon Collection. There are seventeen episodes on this dvd. There were a few which I had never seen before including The Mummy Strikes, The Underground World, and Terror on the Midway. It of course had my favorite episode, The Bulleteers. Sometimes it is fun to watch the old cartoons. They are very different than the modern ones.

I am also reading Confessions of A Radical Industrialists. He is writing about how it is cheaper to use transportation that uses less carbon. Rail transport and cargo ship are cheaper than trucking and airplanes. He is also describing steps which are being done to reduce the cost and energy use for freight trucks. It is quite interesting.

This afternoon, I watched a little bit of Disney's Fantasia. My favorite part of the animation is The Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky. The animation is quite beautiful to look at.

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Unknown said...

what first struck me about the Superman Fleischer cartoons was the fluidity of the animation. They also provide insights into the mores of the time.

It's been a long time, but the sheer pulpiness of the episodes is something I still remember. And you know what, the pulpiness was fun.

They're an artistic and cultural treasure.