Monday, October 26, 2009

Daily Thoughts 10/26/2009

China MiƩville at Picadilly Waterstones, 26 April 2006, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0Photograph taken by Andrew M. Butler, Found On Wikimedia.

Daily Thoughts 10/26/2009

I read some more of The Art of Innovation on the train to and from work. It has a lot about breaking down barriers and being very creative. The pictures are entertaining and the book is well designed. I am almost done reading it.

I watched The Beatles Yellow Submarine yesterday. There was a lot which I picked up which I did not understand before. I especially like the sequence on Nowhere Man. It reminds me a bit of myself in some ways. The cartoon was very psychedelic and interesting. I don't think that there will be anything quite like it ever produced again.

I worked on talking to people about shifting the collection. It was a very challenging, interesting, and somewhat sad day today.


Anonymous said...

China Mieville is on my must read list.
Hope not to challenging and sad, at least not boring.

Book Calendar said...

Un Lun Dun is a fantastic book. If you like young adult books it would be a great start.