Thursday, October 8, 2009

Daily Thoughts 10/8/2009

The Princes' Flower Alphabet, 1893

Daily Thoughts October 8, 2009

I am off today because I am working on Saturday. I am taking it easy. I watched Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea. It won an academy award. It was quick fun and nicely escapist. It is not as good as the novel, but it provides a different kind of entertainment. It is amazing to think how predictive Jules Verne was sometimes.

I am also playing a lunch break style game called Strange Adventures In Infinite Space. It is designed to play very quickly in 5-20 minutes. Digital Eel is giving it away for free. I played the demo before but not the whole original game. Like Computer Games Strange Adventures In Infinite Space is free now. Plays in 5-20 minutes quick fun game

I did not read that much today. I took a little break to let my mind rest. I let it do that sometimes.

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