Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Daily Thoughts 6/28/2011

A Quiet Read - by William Kay Blacklock (1872-1924)

Daily Thoughts 6/28/2011

I read some more of Ark this morning.  It is about the world being flooded by water and humanities last hope being an orion drive starship with an alcubierre warp drive.  It is a story of survival and hope under harsh conditions.  Orion drive ships use atom bombs to push a starship through space.

This morning I checked the displays and updated the Twitter account.  I worked on a variety of flyers.  We are having a computer class on Tuesday nights.  Also, the Friends of the Library wanted more flyers for the Adult Summer Reading program.

I am preparing for the next two months programming.

On the way home, I finished Reading Ark by Stephen Baxter.  It was interesting reading a hard science fiction book with a modern take on interstellar travel and the survival of the human race.  I am donating the book to the library.

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