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Daily Thoughts 11/05/2012

Interieur Burg Kreuzenstein, Bibliothek, signiert Franz Poledne, Aquarell auf Papier, 24 x 30 cm, Franz Poledne (1873-1932)

Daily Thoughts 11/05/2012

This morning, I caught the train early to get to work and I got in early to work which is kind of amazing.  The Metropolitan Transit Authority is doing a good job considering what happened.  I even got a seat and was able to read on the train both last night and in the morning.  Things ran smoothly and on time.
Last night it was very cold.   We piled up blankets. The electricity is still out on my block.   I am still listening to 1010 WINS every night.  Con Edison has to redo the power pole at the end of my block.  My father told me that he saw convoys of power trucks leaving from Washington State to go to New York.  There are trucks from all over the country fixing the electricity right now.

The library came out of the hurricane relatively unscathed which is a blessing. 
Tomorrow is election day.  I will be voting. 

There are three books which I have been reading.  The first is On Politics by Paul Ryan.  Right now, I am reading about medieval western politics which is often a struggle between the emperors and the popes.  In the medieval western mind there is no separation between church and state. 

The second book I am reading is The End of Business as Usual by Brian Solis.  Brian Solis at one point describes how the law of attraction is based partially on the Greek philosopher Empedocles' who lived between 495 and 435 b.c. which is interesting.  I did not think there was a philosophical basis to it.  I thought it was purely new age thinking.

I am also reading True North by Bill George.  Each chapter has a set of exercises to think about what it means to be a leader in an appendix.  These exercises consist of a series of very self reflective questions about how people live their lives.  It is very different from most books on leadership I have read.

I checked the Facebook and Twitter when I got to the library.  I also worked on placing some orders.  One of my colleagues gave me a list of suggested titles to purchase which were not in the library system.  Many of the titles are by mystery and noire writers like Jim Thompson and John Mortimer.

I also spent a little more time going through the missing items list.  People are always asking for nursing assistant exam books, GED preparation books, and ASVAB books. 

I have two magazines to read, Publishers Weekly for October 22 and October 29, 2012. I spent some time looking through the Publishers Weekly Bestseller lists.  I have a little bit of catching up to do.  The storm disrupted things slightly.

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