Thursday, November 22, 2012

Daily Thoughts 11/22/2012

"The Chap Book--Thanksgiving no." "Art nouveau illustration showing two women holding trays of food." 1 print (poster) : color. 1895

Daily Thoughts 11/22/2012

Happy Thanksgiving.  The library is closed today.  I has some turkey, gravy, and stuffing for lunch and a slice of coconut custard pie.

This morning, I read a little bit more of On Politics Vol.2 by Alan Ryan.  I am reading about John Locke right now.  Hopefully when I finish reading this, I'll have a better understanding of political theory from a historical perspective.

I also watched some of the lectures from a kit consisting of a book and 4 dvds called The Passions: Philosophy and the Intelligence of Emotions taught by Professor Robert C. Solomon of the University of Texas at Austin.  Robert C. Solomon has a Ph.D. in philosophy.  This kit is a combination of philosophy and psychology.  Some of the people mentioned are Plato, Nietzsche, Freud, Adam Smith, and others.  It is historical in perspective and touches on concepts like agape and eros.  There are bits from different time periods including a little bit on the wrath of Achilles.  The kit is part of the series The Great Courses.

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